Exquisite salon and spa in Littleton, Colorado just inside the greater Denver area offering a unique medical 

spa and salon services. This spa offers a wide range of features including colon hydrotherapy, zerona body 

contouring, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, juvederm, botox, laser hair removal, laser hair growth, 

co2 fractionals, skin resurfacing and more. We currently serve clients in the following locations: Denver, 

Englewood, Lakewood, Unincorp, Jeffco, Centennial, Sherridan, Columbine Valley, Morrison,Greenwood Village, 

Grants Ranch and Gov. Ranch. All services are overseen by Dr. Janet Dean. We welcome walkins and provide 

free consultations to clients for all services. We are open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and are 

closed on Sundays.

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Juvederm in Denver 
Juvederm in Littleton 
Laser Hair Removal in Denver 
Laser Hair Removal in Littleton 

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Co2 Fractional in Denver 
CO2 Fractional in Littleton 

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Hormone Replacement in Littleton 
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Colon Hydrotherapy in Denver 

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Wedding Packages in Denver 
Wedding Packages in Littleton  
Massages in Denver 
Massages in Littleton 
Shellac Nails Denver
Shellac Nails Littleton
Zerona Denver
Zerona Littleton
Laser Nail Fungus Removal Denver
Laser Nail Fungus Removal Littleton

Littleton Hair Salon

Juvederm Denver, Juvederm Littleton, Laser Hair Removal  Denver, Laser Hair Removal  Littleton, Co2 

Fractional Denver, CO2 Fractional Littleton, Hormone Replacement  Denver, Hormone Replacement in Littleton, 

Colon Hydrotherapy Denver, Colon Hydrotherapy Littleton, Wedding Packages in Denver, Wedding Packages 

Littleton, Massages in Denver, Massages in Littleton, Shellac Nails Denver, Shellac Nails Littleton, Zerona 

Denver, Zerona Littleton, Laser Nail Fungus Removal Littleton, botox denver, botox littleton


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basic hair cuts for women, basic hair cuts for men, facial grooming, childrens haircuts, pro hair styling 

for women, pro hair styling for men, ethnic hair styling, highlights and color, hair blowouts, hair 

straightening, curling & waving, relaxers and perms, eyebrows, eyelashes, shampoo and conditioning, hair 

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classic massage, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, muscle therapy, hot stone massage, reflexology, 

aromatherapy, cranial massage, shiatsu massage, pregnancy massage, teeth whitening

Colon Hydrotherapy

Botox Injections

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Laser Hair Removal

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Littleton Wedding Packages

Colon Hydrotherapy

CO2 Fractional

Hair Salon Littleton

Juvederm Littleton

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Wedding Party in Denver

Shellac nails Littleton

Zerona Littleton

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Unincorp Jeffco  
Columbine Valley  
Greenwood Village  
Grants Ranch  
Gov. Ranch 

College of health and beauty in denver colorado

<p>Conveniently located near:
<li>Englewood </li>  
<li>Unincorp Jeffco</li>   
<li>Columbine Valley</li>   
<li>Greenwood Village</li>   
<li>Grants Ranch</li>   
<li>Gov. Ranch</li> 

<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Juvederm-in-Denver.jpg" alt="Juvederm in 

Denver">&nbsp;Juvederm in Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Juvederm-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Juvederm in 

Littleton">&nbsp;Juvederm in Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Laser-Hair-Removal-in-Denver.jpg" alt="Lasrer Hair 

Removal in Denver">&nbsp;Laser Hair Removal in Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Laser-Hair-Removal-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Laser Hair 

Removal in Littleton">&nbsp;Laser Hair Removal in Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Co2-Fractional-in-Denver.jpg" alt="Co2 Fractional in 

Denver">&nbsp;Co2 Fractional in Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Co2-Fractional-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Co2 Fractional in 

Littleton">&nbsp;Co2 Fractional in Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Hormone-Replacement-in-Denver.jpg" alt="Hormone 

Replacement in Denver">&nbsp;Hormone Replacement in Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Hormone-Replacement-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Hormone 

Replacement in Littleton">&nbsp;Hormone Replacement in Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Colon-Hydrotherapy-in-Denver.jpg" alt="Colon 

Hydrotherapy in Denver">&nbsp;Colon Hydrotherapy in Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Colon-Hydrotherapy-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Colon 

Hydrotherapy in Littleton">&nbsp;Colon Hydrotherapy in Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Wedding-Packages-in-Denver.jpg" alt="Wedding Packages 

in Denver">&nbsp;Wedding Packages in Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Wedding-Packages-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Wedding 

Packages in Littleton">&nbsp;Wedding Packages in Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Massages-i-Denver.jpg" alt="Massages in 

Denver">&nbsp;Massages in Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Massages-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Massages in 

Littleton">&nbsp;Massages in Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Shellac-Nails-in-Denver.jpg" alt="Shellac Nails in 

Denver">&nbsp;Shellac Nails Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Shellac-Nails-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Shellac Nails in 

Littleton">&nbsp;Shellac Nails Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Zerona-Denver.jpg" alt="Zerona Denver">&nbsp;Zerona 

<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Zerona-Littleton.jpg" alt="Zerona 

Littleton">&nbsp;Zerona Littleton</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Laser Nail Fungus Removal in Denver.jpg" alt="Laser 

Nail Fungus Removal in Denver">&nbsp;Laser Nail Fungus Removal in Denver</li>
<li><img src="https://www.salonandspa.services/images/Laser-Nail-Fungus-Removal-in-Littleton.jpg" alt="Laser 

Nail Fungus Removal in Littleton">&nbsp;Laser Nail Fungus Removal in Littleton</li>

<a href="https://littleton-hair-salon.bandcamp.com/releases">Exqiuisite Salon</a>
<a href="https://www.logospire.com/logos/14090">Littleton Spa</a>
<a href="https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/AB26278LGLZG4">Denver Hair Salon</a>

Your nail technical school asks queries. Before reaching to work, she ought to raise what form and length 

you would like your nails, whether or not you would like your cuticles cut or pushed back, and the other 

inquiries to assist you get the design you would like.

They sterilize cuticle nippers, clippers and alternative tools. A nail salon ought to be employing a actinic 

radiation autoclave and a hospital-grade disinfectant to kill bacterium on metal tools between shoppers. If 

you are not positive your tools are sterilized, it's fine to raise the technical school to try and do 

therefore whereas you watch, Senkus says. "If someone rolls their eyes at you once you raise them to soak 

their nippers once more, that is not smart service. they must be creating you are feeling as comfy as 

attainable regarding sterilizing the atmosphere."

They don't reprocess files, buffers and sticks. "You're not allowed to reprocess the non-metal tools - the 

foot files, the nail files, the picket stick, the buffers," says Senkus. "All of that stuff needs to be 

greenhorn for every consumer." The reason? Non-metal instruments cannot be utterly sterilized since their 

surfaces area unit porous, which suggests a grimy tool will unfold bacterium or nail plant (ew!).

The pedicure baths area unit sanitised. "Look at the approach they stop working in between shoppers. area 

unit they improvement out the sinks properly?" Senkus says. "If they use the Jacuzzi quite jets, they'll be 

a germ party as a result of things bog down within the pipes." At Haven, the pedicure baths area unit 

equipped with the new type of pipeless jets - raise your salon which sort they use.

They don't use a callus cutter. These razor-like implements that may cut feet and cause hemorrhage are not 

simply hot for salons to use in many countries, they don't seem to be smart for the skin on your feet, 

Senkus says. "If you chop the callus off with one among those razors, it makes it grow back even 

additional," since a sensitive lower layer of skin are exposed. Instead, the person doing all of your 

pedicure ought to use a foot file and you must follow up along with your own maintenance within the shower 

day after day to get rid of roughness bit by bit.

They don't skinny their polishes. At Haven, "We do not use polish thinners as a result of that affects the 

standard and can create it chip quicker typically," Senkus says.

All nail techs ought to be licenced. "They ought to have [credentials] on the wall or in a very folder up 

front," Senkus says. If you do not see your tech's license, just ask.

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